New Year – One Goal

She eats like its going out of style” 

I’ve created a vision board every year for the past 4 years. I’ve piled them with wishes & goals that I wanted to come true. I worked toward most of them and just like magic… my dreams became reality. None of the goals were about me as a person, me becoming whole. My only goal for 2019.

I never want to feel the way I felt the day I was at the doctors office I stepped on the scale and seen a number that blew my mind, 80 lbs over weight. My doctor didn’t know it, but when she left the room I cried like a baby wondering how in the hell did I get to this place?!

So I decided 2019, I will have one vision. One goal. And that is to feel & look my absolute best. Healthy habits all 2019.

Welcome to my weight loss blog!

I’ll use this as my food diary, an accountable, safe space where I can be my authentic self.

One thing I will focus on first is, self control.

I remember being in elementary school, receiving all As and Bs, but when my parents would turn to the back of my report card…

X– self control

Here I am 30 years later with the SAME issue. If I would grade my self control last year and all the years before it?  


This year, 2019 might will be different. I don’t care if I’m starting “late” and you shouldn’t either. I’m not giving my weight loss a number goal, not right now. I want to focus on one thing at a time. I have over 300 days left in the year to fight for my goal and I’m claiming it as mine, you should too.

Below is my 2019 vision board.

Make a goal, write it down, execute. Healthy habits all 2019. One goal, one vision, being the best Me physically, mentally & spiritually I can be.

Cheers to the new year 🥂



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